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Conflict Counselling for Municipalities

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Despite the fact that Germany has not experienced a war in the last 70 years, there are still a number of local conflicts that are increasingly tense and more and more often result in physical violence.


Migration, flight, demographic change and climate change are just some of the challenges and conflicts that municipalities and communities are increasingly grappling with.


In order to be able to deal with and transform these challenges and areas of conflict sustainably and positively, skills in the area of conflict transformation are required.


I support you and your municipality in building these skills. Learn how to deal with conflicts nonviolently, constructively and sustainably, and how to build conflict-sensitive structures. My offer includes consultancy on processes and strategies as well as skills-building through workshops.


I draw on many years of professional experience as an international peace and conflict consultant with a focus on migration and integration, as well as a high level of intercultural skills. Having lived and worked in the Middle East, North and South Africa for over 10 years, I see myself as a mediator and bridge between cultures.

Training and Consulting

Kommunale Konfliktberatung bearbeitet.jpg

I apply a multi-perspective, process-oriented, systemic, all-party and highly participatory approach that is entirely tailored to the needs of the respective municipality or community.


My approach is based on conflict transformation, which views conflicts as a natural part of human coexistence that can lead to positive developments if they are resolved nonviolently.



My offer includes:

  • Conflict Analysis

  • Development of solutions and strategies and action plans

  • Support in the implementation strategies and solutions

  • Adaptation of strategies

A variety of conflict areas and challenges can be dealt with.

Possible topics include:

  • Diversity & anti-racism

  • Integration

  • Demographic change

  • Structural change

  • International conflicts that are also “played out” locally

  • Resources becoming scarcer

  • Climate change

I would be happy to visit you in your town/city to discuss the your specific needs and to explore venues for collaboration.

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