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Self-Care, Resilience and Burnout Prevention

Self-care, burnout prevention and resilience

Individuals working in the realm of peacebuilding and conflict transformation, development cooperation and aid are carrying out work which is essential to the cessation of violence and the growth of positive peace and just societies in this world. The success of their work depends on both their professional abilities as well as their emotional, physical and psychological well-being. It is therefore part of our responsibility to equip them with everything they need to be able to continue their work in a healthy manner.


One of the first steps is to provide activists and peacebuilders (as well as all others working in the developmental and aid sector) with skills and tools supporting them to take better care not only of the communities they are working with and for, but of themselves, and simultaneously increase their resilience to be able to (better) cope with adversity, rapidly changing environments and personal tragedies. Self-care - the ability to look after oneself, set boundaries, know one's limitations, and dedicate time to rest and restoration - and resilience - are skills that everyone can learn to increase in their life.

Training and Consulting

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In my tailor-made online and face-to-face self-care workshops, peacebuilders, aid and development workers learn personal and professional resources for resilience and self-care, enabling them to thrive and operate with the inspiration and integrity necessary to effect lasting positive change in their conflict context in a healthy and sustainable manner.


Participants will:

  • Be introduced to the terms of stress, trauma, burn-out, resilience, and self-care

  • Gain an understanding of the harmful effects of stress on the body, mind and spirit

  • Identify their needs, limitations, existing resources and coping mechanisms for dealing with stress, adapting to rapid and far-reaching change and overcoming hardship and ambiguity

  • Be introduced to and practise several tools and techniques for self-care, setting boundaries, calming the nervous system and building resilience on an individual, group and organisational level

  • Develop a sustainable action plan for taking care of their own physical and psychological well-being, as well as a first idea for incorporating self-care in their teams and organisations.


I furthermore consult and support organisations in implementing self-care schemes for their employees and partners.

For upcoming open training courses, please click here.

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