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Into Peace? IntuPeace!

A lot of peacebuilding and conflict transformation work takes us into the realm of our minds - we analyse and strategise and problem-solve and monitor and evaluate and so on. While all of these are very necessary parts of our work, we often tend to forget the heart and soul of the work, our inherent intuition that, if listened to, often knows the answer to the many questions we ask ourselves when it comes to how to build peace way before the mind does. It can serve as a moral compass of our work. It brings us back to ourselves, to our shared humanity, which, for me, lies at the heart of making this world a more peaceful place. 

Into Peace Intu Peace Conflict Transformation and Intuition

Let’s Work Together To Make Peace Happen

Is your intuition saying "yes!"? Then please get in touch so we can start working together.


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