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Conflict Sensitivity

Conflict Sensitivity

This work is based on the CDA Collaborative´s Conflict Sensitivity Framework (former Collaborative for Development Action) Framework in my work and training. The CDA framework is based on the understanding that in each conflict, there exist factors that cause conflict and divisions – Dividers -, as well as factors that can bring conflict parties together, bridge gaps and have the potential to contribute to building peace – Connectors. Once support, in the form of projects and programmes in the realm of development cooperation, humanitarian relief and peacebuilding, enters a conflict situation, it interacts with this situation in either a positive or negative manner. Support can fuel conflict and acerbate existing tensions, or contribute to building peace by strengthening Connectors and weakening Dividers. CDA is a participatory and action-focused framework designed to minimise the risk of conflict-exacerbating unintended consequences while maximising the positive impact of interventions by leveraging a careful consideration of local conflict dynamics through an interactive programming approach.

Training and Consulting

I provide training and consultancy on how to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate conflict sensitive humanitarian, development and peacebuilding projects and programmes. Together, we will analyse your projects and programmes and, if necessary, re-design them in order to prevent unintentional harm and contribute to strengthening capacities for peace. In addition, we will develop policies and guidelines for the conduct and communication of your staff in order to ensure each individual reflects on their personal and professional behaviour whilst working in a conflict context.


In my training workshops, participants will be introduced to Conflict Sensitivity as an approach, and learn how to apply the Do No Harm framework to projects and programmes. 

I provide further support through consulting and coaching whist your organisation develops and implements conflict sensitive policies and approaches.

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