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Conflict Transformation

Conflict Transformation

My work draws on a Conflict Transformation Approach (CTA), combining methods of conflict resolution grounded on the principles of nonviolence. CTA is a continuous process which recognises that conflicts are natural, intrinsic parts of human relationships, and provides a conceptual lens and framework for devising strategies to deal with them. Grounded on this approach, trainings I deliver empower participants to better understand the root causes of conflict and work on influencing the structures, systems and frameworks which are identified as causing inequality and injustice and lead to conflict. This involves improving communication skills, longer-term, interpersonal relationships between people, and developing systematised processes to solving conflicts nonviolently, whilst promoting empowerment, civic participation, justice, rule of law, reconciliation and forgiveness - all this with the overall goal of working towards building a world in which violence is no longer seen as a legitimate means for dealing with conflict.


The CTA methodology also recognises that conflicts are multi-dimensional and multi-causal phenomena – that there is no single cause of conflict. It is based on the understanding that there are linkages and synergies between different causes and factors. It is important to understand and analyse underlying dynamics between these in order to identify potential areas and strategies for intervention.

Training and Consulting

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I am specialising in Conflict Transformation training and consulting, for (I)NGOs, UN Agencies, activists, governments, universities and schools. I deliver tailor-made training workshops in person and online, as well as consultancy on the following topics:


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